Bed time struggles…

I have a kiddo who struggles with falling asleep at night. Her mind gets wound up and she thinks and processes every amazing thing in her world right at bedtime. We encourage her to think in the moment but she is just too busy for that.  Often she would become aware of physical irritations and sore places in her body.  These at times made her very distressed, angry, uncomfortable, and anxious. 

When she was in kindergarten I started doing guided relaxation with her. I started at her toes with a gentle touch or a verbal prompt and moved up all the main body parts to her head, skin, muscles and heart.  This was a cumbersome process but some nights it was the only way to settle her little mind and muscles down.  Some nights she still laid there… Thinking.  

I started her with my diffuser and some frankincense. It was so helpful to her that she wanted a diffuser for her room.  She has also experimented with some of the other Starter Kit Oils. The one she likes the most is Lavendar. She uses it most days and is finding it easier to quiet her mind and her feelings especially at bed time. 

I can’t wait to order other relaxing and calming oils to see which work best for us!  

I’m so blessed to have found YoungLiving Essential Oils!  

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Tips for a Better Night Sleep is a great visual with more ideas on getting to sleep.  

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