Welcome to Andi’s Essential Oils Relief

Nothing in this blog is meant to diagnose,
cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease or
abnormal condition of the body.

I’m eager as I start my journey with YoungLiving Essential Oils!  I have already had so much success using the items in the Premium Starter Kit.  I’m so glad i watched the Starter Kit Unboxing Video!  If not, I might have missed out on all the goodies in the secret compartment.  The StressAway is one of the hidden gems that you won’t want to miss.  Snap on the roller and take it everywhere!  This has been a great tool for my whole family.

As the month went on, I woke up with a cough that kept me from going back to sleep.  I started searching for oils that might help.  Sure enough I found YoungLiving customers who wrote about their successes on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and WordPress.  In that search, I found that there are many oils that have been helpful to soothe coughs, congestion, and runny nose.  Luckily, a couple of them were in my kit!  I used RC in my DewDrop Diffuser.  I also mixed RC and Thieves with a carrier oil.  I hadn’t bought any YL V-6 Enhannced Vegetable Oil yet so I used coconut oil from my kitchen.  Olive oil is a good choice too.  I rubbed the mixture on my back and chest and was able to sleep the rest of the night!  I have since learned to rub it on my feet and then put on socks.  I haven’t read about why it works so well but I have several articles saved and will share them with you soon.

My family experiences symptoms related to several auto-immune disorders including Psoriasis, Leaky-Gut Syndrome and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  We also have experience with Sleep Disorders, Emotional/Mood Regulation, Impulse Control, Focus, Depression, Anxiety, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Asthma, and Gluten Sensitivity.  One of us gets every cold and flu bug every time it comes around and is very vulnerable when sleep, nutrition, and emotions are not in perfect balance. We are all involved in sports and exercise to varying degrees.  We are working on finding balance in body, mind, gut, emotion, and spiritual areas of our lives.

In this blog I plan to share our journey to wellness.  Please do not misunderstand.  I do not believe that Essential Oils will cure any of the conditions we face.  I do believe that balance is the key.  Please seek advice from Medical, Naturopathic, Mental Health, and other Licensed Health Care Providers in the treatment of any conditions you experience.  Essential Oils are merely more tools to support your journey to health and wellness.

Nothing in this blog is meant to diagnose,
cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease or
abnormal condition of the body.



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